A Dog Found

Washington Post


Page Three Random Acts

Wednesday, March 12, 2008; B03

There is nothing like a lost dog to bring out the best in people.



A Found Dog — or Two

I waddled (as I was quite pregnant at the time) down to our local puppy group to let my old dog and my new Weimaraner, Jackson, work off some energy.

For the first couple of minutes they were great, but a dog who roams our neighborhood sauntered in and kept luring my puppy away from the group. As I didn’t feel like spending all of puppy group chasing down my dog, I headed home.

As soon as we got into a patch of mud, Jackson started pulling away from me, trying to chase the other dog. Not wanting to end up face first in the mud, I let go of both of their leashes with the assumption that they would come right back to me when I was on the other side of the mud. After all, I had a pocket full of treats.

My older dog did just that. But Jackson was nowhere in sight by the time I got to the other side. For the next several hours, with the help of my puppy group friends, I searched the woods and the neighborhood.

I finally found him in the back yard of the offending dog. Later that day, as Jackson slept off his little escapade, a van pulled up. One of the moms I had encountered early in my search for Jackson jumped out and proudly announced that she had my dog. She had found him wandering three miles away.

So she chased this 80-pound brute of a dog down and lured him into her van and delivered him to my door.

Considering her efforts, I didn’t have the heart to tell her I already had my dog. Instead, I asked her exactly where she had found him. After she left, I loaded him in my car and spent the rest of my day knocking on doors in that neighborhood until I found his rightful owner.

— Ann Brennan,  as published in the 

Washington Post


Page Three Random Acts

Wednesday, March 12, 2008; B03


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