My Lucky Day

It was there on the calendar.  Twenty Miles LSD (long slow distance).  Sometimes I swear it should read LSBD (long slow boring distance).  There are days when it seems as though the run will never end.  Fortunately today I realized before I even hit the first mile that I had won the lottery.  Two hundred and fifty million dollars.  Wow, the possibilities.  What could I do with that much money?  For that matter, what couldn’t I do?

For the next several miles I was as generous as Oprah.  I had built a whole street full of homes in New Orleans for the Katrina victims, bought brand new uniforms for soccer teams in Iraq, given to my church and my children’s schools.  It is amazing how fast the miles went by as this happened.  At least a mile and a half was eaten up in just building the houses and another mile flew by before I was able to decorate them and move the families in.

By mile seven I felt like I had tithed enough for the time being and was ready to help my family.  My mom finally got that house in the mountains she had always dreamed of.  Completely decorated and ready to move in.  My dad was thrilled with his brand new fishing boats.  Luckily the salesman knew all about fishing and convinced me that Dad would need one for fresh water fishing and one for deep sea fishing.  It took a couple of miles just to decide what my brother and sister would want.  In the end, I decided to pay off their mortgages and buy them something fun.  Speedy, red Porsches for each of them.

Mile twelve came before I even knew it.  Mile twelve is my favorite mile in my regular long run.  Not because I feel so good at that distance but because I turn into a beautiful and distracting neighborhood right on the bay.  Between every house you catch the loveliest breeze.  And as today was my lucky day I decided to buy my favorite house.  It did take some convincing to get the current owner’s to part with it but once they realized how much I had always loved their house and how happy I would be there, not to mention the nice amount of money I was willing to offer to live there, they finally parted with it.

As the house is almost a hundred and fifty years old the kitchen definitely needed to be remodeled.  Luckily, I had been thinking about my perfect kitchen for most of my adult life and was able to remodel the whole thing from the gorgeous state of the art appliances to the natural stone floors and granite counter tops in less than a mile.

I do find that my mind wanders in the later miles. So suddenly I began to miss my sister.  I knew exactly the thing for this though.  She should come for an extended visit and if that was to happen she would need a guest house.  This project took some time.  I not only had to design, build and decorate the guest house I also had to put in the pool beside which the guest house would sit because everybody knows a guest house always sits beside the pool.

Quite unexpectedly I found myself at mile fifteen with so much more to accomplish and so few miles left to accomplish it all in.  I had to quickly hire someone to help me decorate the rest of the house.  The crew from Extreme Home Makeover are pretty quick so after offering to foot the bill for their next couple of projects they agreed to come in and work their magic.  It takes a week on their show but they build a whole house in that time.  For me it took them only a couple of miles. The basement was my children’s dream basement as the whole thing had been turfed and fitted with goals. Games could start immediately.  My husband’s home gym had everything a person could ask for including the flat paneled high definition television with every sport channel possible.  And my bedroom was everything I had ever wanted and more. Voila, my dream house was complete and I still had a mile and a half to go.

As with any long run this is the hardest part.  I was almost done and beginning to really feel it in my legs.  Unfortunately a lottery winning, marathon training mom’s job is never done.  There was water leaking into my beautiful kitchen from the upstairs bathroom.  Luckily I found myself turning back into my driveway. I will just have to call the plumber and fix that next time, I’m sure the bathroom can use a remodel.

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16 responses to “My Lucky Day

  1. boo

    Hi Ann. The Sundown Marathon, sponsored by Adidas, is an annual night race in Singapore. It is the only night race I think… I did the 10km and it started at 830pm. Those guys who did ultramarathon started 7pm. The race was all right but with bit of flaws here and there. Check out the official website here.

  2. Love it! Distraction is the only way to get through a long run. I also enjoy turning my favorite books into movies – casting them, costuming them, writing the script. Or inventing new challenges for Next Top Model. Or planning vacations. Or…

  3. annieb123

    I love that idea. I am heading out for a run now. Maybe I will try it.

  4. What a great way to pass a long run! I’m going to try this lottery idea. In the past I have imagined all the old places I’ve lived in and my favorite memories there. I’ve also pictured each one of my coworkers and listed good traits about them. The lottery sounds like a jackpot for sure!

    • annieb123

      One reader told me today that they cast a movie from a recent book. That sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? I am so happy you liked the post. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Have a great day.

  5. How funny, after asking tired runners in a 100-miler about their kids, jobs, spouses, etc., this idea is the one that usually perks them up. I loved reading your description. Wish you had that money to spend!

    • annieb123

      The longest I have run has been a fifty miler and I remember just after thirty somehow songs started popping into my head. The funny thing was they were all of the songs we used to sing in bible school. I hadn’t thought of most of them for twenty or more years and suddenly I had a running soundtrack in my head. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  6. This is a great article! Do you listen to music while you run as well? I tend to get totally consumed by whatever I’m listening to (this works much better with some types of music than it does with others) and the miles just fly by.

    • annieb123

      I listen to music on the days I really need a push. The long runs I tend to set up a playlist of podcasts and go through several of those. I love This American Life, Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me and the history one that I think is called What you missed in high school. I am glad you liked the article. If you want to help me out some tweet about me. I am new to freelancing and though I am getting things placed, the publications that take my work right now are not paying publications. The more I am out there the better. I know you know this because you website is phenomenal. I just sent out a tweet about you on Sunday night.

  7. LOVE LOVE this post! The GGS and I have JUST started training for a 1/2 marathon-I will have to try it once we get closer! Love your site!

    • annieb123

      Thank you so much for reading this. I am on your site all the time so I feel in good company to have you visit mine. Let me know if you have any questions about what I did. In the meantime keep up the good work.

  8. Stuart

    Great post! I am beginning to train for a Virtual 5K; Best of the Boardrooms Virtual 5K and I have found that I do get very,very bored when I run. I got excited for you even reading that post. Who knows… maybe next time I run(today) I will win the lotto.

    God luck

  9. I know what you mean about your mind wandering! It’s an important time for clarifying thoughts, I think. Nice post 🙂

    • annieb123

      I am glad you liked it. I love running for that very reason. Almost everything I write comes after a long run. As long as my knees hold out I guess I can keep writing. By the way, I am keeping this blog for a while but I am really posting most of my new things about running over at Let me know what you think about the new look.

  10. mtorrenson

    Great post! I’ve done this myself as well. Along with the many things I would do if I got hit by lightening and suddenly had superman’s powers… enter and win marathons with my super speed and pay off my student loans with the prize money.

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