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If you like what you see here and know of a publication that could use my voice, please contact me directly by leaving a comment below.


6 responses to “Contact Me

  1. Ana

    Hi Ann,

    I read your blog and I find it very interesting. I love your addiction to running and I enjoy following your new updates. They motivate me to keep up with my work.

    My name is Ana and I’m a publisher on This is a site me and a couple of my friends own and where we post reviews on treadmills we test ourselves during our running trainings. I think that in a way our websites correlate and this is why I am sending you this email.

    I want to ask you if you would like to help us and publish our link in your blog. Or, if you agree, I can send you a 100% custom article to match your blog theme to publish with reference to RunReviews. I assure you your help is very much appreciated.

    If you have the time I invite you to see our site and have some fun with our quizzes. After reading your blog I think you would like this one especially:

    I really hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your reply and feedback.

    Thanks again!


  2. Dara

    Hi Ann,
    My name is Dara and am making a website for a competition. I was wondering if it would be okay with you if I used a picture of yours on my website, it is the one with the legs just in the shot. If you could let me know if that’d be okay that would be great. Great blog!

  3. Dear Ann
    I came to know of you via the RunRunLive podcast. I stumbled upon a couple of old episodes and liked them very much, and therein was your commentary… utterly fitting and well written.
    I am a runner… and I like to write. I’ve been through my share of tragedy (which, if you’re interested you will find in an Article entitled “Borrowed Wings”, which I wrote for “Marathon & Beyond” Magazine (Sept./Oct. 2004 Volume 8, Issue 5).
    But I also thought you might relate to this I Wrote the day after the Boston Marathon Tragedy.
    Here is the link in case you are interested.
    I am writing a similar message of introduction to Chris of RunRunLive.
    Congratulations on your blog.

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